Anyone looking for the real deal cute petite

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To my ears, it sounds fancy yet patronizing, like a complicated pastry, or a spoon that has a very specific purpose, which is to serve whipped cream into the mouths of tiny cherubs. I have learned to make friends with petite clothing.

If you, like me, are too frugal to take everything to the tailor, or are known to impatiently lob off the bottom portion of your jeans with garden shears, then this post is for you. For wear-them-everyday staples: Elizabeth Suzann These made-to-order pieces come in short, regular, and tall, so you can rest assured that everything will fit just right. While the prices are higher than fast fashion, everything is very high quality, and comes with the assurance that your purchase supports a Nashville based, woman-owned operation. Though not every item of their regular collection is available in petite sizing, the selection is robust, and offers everything from dresses and skirts to vintage-inspired jeans to their bridal collection.

Back in the day, trying to find a dress for formal dances or family weddings was never fun. But now, when shopping for dates or parties, this is my place to go.

Anyone looking for the real deal cute petite

For easy, everyday looks: Madewell Sometimes, while browsing the Madewell site, I will notice that something I like is available in petite sizing and I feel seen. For classics: J. Crew J. Crew has long been a reliable source for timeless pieces, especially when it comes to work separates. I especially love their well-proportioned, just-the-right-sleeve-length blazerswhich can be especially hard to find. For special things: Anthropologie As any vertically challenged woman knows, a notoriously hard-to-shop-for category is maxi dresses.

When I stand next to a maxi dress, ten times out of ten, it is taller than I am. For office-wear: Ann Taylor Growing up in New Jersey, my school had a dress code of white button down shirts and navy or khaki skirts or slacks like a band of adolescent attorneys. Back then, Ann Taylor was regarded as the mecca for tasteful workwear for women slight of stature, and was the only place I could find white blouses that fit me well. For office appropriate styles, they remain a solid choice.

Has anyone else? Would love to hear your thoughts. The Golden Rule for Shopping Everywhere: Know Your Measurements Unfortunately, not all brands or stores will have dedicated petite options, but you can sometimes game the system. How long is your ideal sleeve?

Measure the inseams of pants you love, and memorize those s. How long is your preferred length of work slacks or cropped jeans or workout pants? These little s will open up the world, allowing you to confidently shop the land of the cropped and the ankle length and the midi. I know they will hit right at my ankle. And this, my friends, is a particular kind of joy. Photo by Nicki Sebastian. Note: If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We recommend only products we genuinely like.

Thank you so much. Love the post! Another worthy mention: SeamsFriendly. The fit is dreamy, the fabrics are outstanding. Everything on the website has a Petite Size option. They do Plus and Tall Sizes as well. Chiming in pretty late here but has anyone mentioned stature staturenyc.

All independent deers with some exclusive petite des from brands i personally love samantha pleet, ilana kohn, rachel comey. They were perfect and on trend — no or low stretch, high waisted but not awkward. Just chiming in here re: Petite Studio. For high-quality jeans: while AYR does not Anyone looking for the real deal cute petite a petite line, some of their amazing jeans come in shorter inseams that are petite-friendly or at least come full-length for us.

Side note: BEST. Wish we had more petite-specific lines. We de specific for petites! And know all to well trying to find clothes that fit! Love this post! Occasionally, Zara has some dresses that work great as well. I like the British brand Boden, they usually offer 3 different lengths to choose from. So I keep my seamstress busy. But thanks for sharing your tips! I hope to discover a brand for myself…. If you all are vertically challenged, what does that mean I am? I work for Buckle, a clothing store in a lot of malls, that specializes in fitting you in clothes that work for your body type and height.

Anyone looking for the real deal cute petite

We have all kinds of jean inseams, rises, styles and sizes. It has opened up a new world of options to me! I bought a jumpsuit that was a bit long in the legs, had it tailored and loved it. When I finally visited the storefront last fall, they walked me through sizing and helped me pick out an off-the-shelf jumpsuit that fit me perfectly without any tailoring.

I highly recommend them for my fellow petite ladies! The post and comments that I have been waiting for! She shows how to make brands like Everlane, Sezane, Reformation etc all work for smaller builds and gives great general styling advice about dressing for your proportions, whether smaller or taller…. LOVE this! Cool cool. Can you do the same type of article for gals like me?

I love all of the pieces I have from them! I think they are worth the price because they last a long time and are super flattering.

Anyone looking for the real deal cute petite

I reserve a pair of black skinny jeans by Paige that I can kind of sneak into my business formal wardrobe from time to time. I own one pair of traditional work pants and probably wear them a couple of times a year, but they are J. Crew and their tall cut. I stick to knee-length dresses, but add tights and tall boots on cold days.

Anyone looking for the real deal cute petite

Crew sells lots of their shift dresses in tall. Elsewhere, I buy midi dresses and if necessary get them taken up to a traditional knee-length. I also have been known to buy pencil skirts or shift dresses 2 sizes up and have them adjusted. I also recommend finding a dressmaker who can do custom business formal dresses. I spend a lot more on clothes than some people, but the upfront cost is worth it to me because they last a long time. I almost always regret buying cheap clothes. I have had my favorite Theory skirt suit since and still wear it at least once a month.

I buy a new blouse or two every season, and I have to buy about 3 pairs of shoes every year, but I usually only buy one or two pieces of non-work clothing a year. I would love to hear how you approach building your tall girl wardrobe. Can you do a post like this for tall women? I have the opposite problem. It would be so great to get a fashionable tall ladies take on the best places she shops. I just posted my tips above. Where do you like to shop?

Anyone looking for the real deal cute petite

Honestly I think almost everyone can find something there. And lately they have been running incredible online deals. The thrill of the hunt causes me to check their website daily! Plus the quality and service are excellent. This causes a struggle with dresses. Clothing for the vertically challenged is definitely hard to come by!

My favorite finds not mentioned are:. Crew Cuts will sometimes have a good find. In the same shopping trip I bought an xs mens sweater from banana republic so I was all over the place. Seconding thirding? And tall plus. EShakti makes custom clothes to order.

You can alter the de of the clothes sleeves, necklines, etc and also have them made to your precise measurements. My sister also got a dress from them. I have two dresses from eShakti! I highly recommend!! Boo hoo hoo! I see this as a transparent and utterly predictable attempt by short girls to gain my sympathy and forgiveness for all the times they scooped the tall good looking guys in high school! Not so fast sister!! What a great post! Shopping sight unseen proved to be quite tricky! As my lifestyle evolved, so did my style.

Today, I wear a lot of clothes from COS and local boutiques. COS clothes may look like they are made for an Amazon but some fit petites very well. I originally fell in love with her line because my similar-heighted friend and CoJ photographer Christine has a couple of her jumpsuits and looks so great in them.

They feel substantial and just holding them you can tell how different a handmade piece is from what we typically encounter in stores! They even have a little tag inside that tells you who made your garment. I also love that they create things in fluid shapes and basic colors, so you can dress them up or down.

And because her pieces are classic, I expect to wear them for years to come. As a small business owner, she and her husband are forced to dip into their personal savings to keep the business afloat but they can only last 4 weeks on that.

Anyone looking for the real deal cute petite

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