Evansville well endowed needs you now

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You should see it in the middle of the summer, the production control manager at Flair Molded Plastics Inc. You never knew how loud the factory floor could be, or how the smell of melted plastic hangs in the air.

Evansville well endowed needs you now

You open your eyes wide and take a long look around while Bailey is in the background, talking to a smiling employee. And now you could be thinking: This is the inside of a part of Evansville I never get to see. Or, even more to the point: I never knew anything about this. I was trying to find industries that were essential. Every single one of these, I had no idea. No idea. The free, grassroots event founded by the library will be at the Victory Theatre. Now in its 12th year, the program seeks to develop a community built around the shared experience of local residents reading and talking about the same book.

From a river barge employee, to a windshield repairman, to a cafeteria manager, to a factory worker, consider this a window into worlds many local people never get to see. Ed Roby, Siemers Glass Co. Not every story the assistant manager at Siemers Glass Co. But there is a lot to tell about his company, which fixes or replaces all automotive glass, some residential and commercial glass, door motors, regulators, and side mirrors and offers hour emergency service. The driver stopped the truck, came over to the passenger door, opened the door, and the turkey rushed out.

Roby, of Evansville, was able to handle that emergency windshield replacement call on his own.

Evansville well endowed needs you now

But some windshield replacement jobs — like on a motor home — may take four to five men, largely because of the weight and size of the glass. For comparison, he says, the windshield on a Honda Accord weighs 65 to 75 pounds. Gary Wire, Alexander Funeral Homes. But like many of us, he has seen hardship. Almost 20 years as a volunteer firefighter means he knows the rasp of a labored breath. As an EMT, he cared for injured patients, not knowing if they would live or die.

These days, the year-old works to comfort those who suffer, but in a different way. As the community outreach director for Alexander Funeral Homes, Wire has spent the past 24 years as part of a team helping the families of the deceased pay respect to their loved ones. There are traditional services, cremation, ground burials, or entombments in a mausoleum. And the tone of the service depends on the circumstances. He was We know that there must have been someone who smiled because of this gentleman.

Evansville well endowed needs you now

Every day that he leaves his house, he tells his wife he loves her. In my 24 hours, part of my day is being here at the funeral home to make that family as comfortable as possible. Lori Steinhart, Breck Logistics. Louis, or New York. Behind her computer screen are maps of the United States that detail its transportation zones.

Years ago, she would receive compiled lists of available trucks that usually would be faxed to her office in the mornings. Today, computer and online systems give her live status updates on trucks as they move across the country. Since she started her job as a transportation broker for Breck Logistics inSteinhart has worked with more than 3, carriers, at least of which are located within miles of Evansville.

Progressive, technological troubleshooting has not only reshaped but also revamped the way the modern garage is run today, Savage says. Savage graduated from F. Before he was hired in Henderson, Ky. He also was asked to return to Ivy Tech as an instructor. There is a very specific strategy-based diagnosis we have to follow.

He says vehicles that used to have three basic computers within them now have 30 or more, requiring automotive technicians to be some of the most educated individuals on the market. Savage has more than hours of training and complete mastery of GM and Automotive Service Excellence exams. This is where Gray has worked for a little over 15 years, after time spent at a towing company in St. The Cloverport, Ky. He has a as a Master of Towing Vessels on the Western Rivers, which he has to renew every five years.

EMS offers a variety of services, including fleeting, shipping, cleaning, and repairs, and it services local docks in the area.

Evansville well endowed needs you now

The harvest months of October through March are the busiest times of the year for EMS, but not every barge tow Evansville well endowed needs you now the same. Some covered barges are also hard for the pilots to see over. GPS is key on the river, but with just two crewmembers on harbor boats, so is communication.

He knows the bend in the Ohio River is the most popular place in Evansville for pleasure boating. South Region President John Lamb. McConnell is comfortable in a bank environment. She worked as the secretary to the president of Security Bank and Trust Co. After six years in the Clearwater, Fla. She continued to serve as executive assistant until the Bank of Evansville merged into German American on Jan. At that time, McConnell became an administrative assistant.

While the bank transition was a challenge, she says, the staff worked cohesively and achieved what needed to be Evansville well endowed needs you now. And how is it to work with Lamb, who oversees Vanderburgh and Warrick counties? Debbie Lehman is used to rules. Yet some rules are tougher than others. I put carrots and broccoli and maybe a cucumber slice on it, or a cherry tomato.

Sometimes I think my little kids, they will pick it up because it looks nice. Getting students interested in eating healthy is a big part of her job. But Lehman, 45, knows not everyone comprehends or agrees with the federal requirements.

Schools are required to meet federal requirements in order to be reimbursed by the U. Department of Agriculture. Still, Lehman likes her job. She likes working with children. And she likes that, when her own three children were growing up, she was able to spend time with them on spring and summer breaks. If your kid was home sick, you got to stay home and be with your sick. Robert Shetler, Shetler Moving Co. The weather is just something the movers at Shetler Moving Co.

And some days are more intense than others, says Kris Conner, moving consultant. Each move is different, but in each case, the movers are more than just muscle men. They must assess inventory and decide, as they are carrying items into the van, where the item will remain secure and how it will best fit into the vehicle. Communication is key.

When carrying a heavy couch through a narrow doorway, the mover who is walking backwards must listen closely to the mover who is facing forwards, just so nothing is damaged in the process. It could be anything. Roxanne Bailey has three priorities in life: God, family, and work. This month, the mother of three will celebrate 40 years at the injection molding company that, in its early years, molded office product components for IBM typewriters. These days, the company on Lynch Road produces items like balance rings for washing machines and shelves for refrigeration products.

Bailey, who lives in Wadesville, Ind. One year later, she was promoted to finishing supervisor. She has done pretty much every job outside of maintenance and tooling. Those employees spend a lot of time on their feet, monitoring presses, driving forklifts, repairing and maintaining presses and other tools, and more. Our environment has been created because of the people we know we have. There are people that you meet here, they are feeling like they are lost in life.

We give them confidence and help them see in themselves. A lot of it has been encouraged from managing owners Jim Peters and Bert Brougham both. Dog vs. When it comes to the most popular household pet, canines knock felines out of the ring. Yet as in every battle between the species, humans have to weigh in. In this issue, plenty have.

Evansville well endowed needs you now

We explore how the Internet has impacted pet rescues, how animals help people, and why some people choose pets other than cats and dogs. Facebook to the Rescue. When it comes to finding lost pets, fliers are used less and less By Jane McManus. Social media, websites, and new technology have become the electronic lost-and-found for missing pets and those needing new homes. The group has 23 kennels at its N. Stockwell Road facility, but most animals are placed in 30 to 40 foster homes.

Odoyo estimates ITV had around 2, Facebook followers in the first six to eight months ofwhen the organization was founded. That has increased to nearly 7, InITV helped dogs find new homes and rescued more than dogs. Jackie Rohner, president and founder of Another Chance for Animalssays social media is a primary source of how her organization gets people to adopt its animals.

Rohner says her organization places about animals a year and is certain the uptick in its social media followers is related to its success. That euthanasia rate has been cut dramatically, Rohner says, partly as a result of ACA. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that roughly 3, animal shelters in the country take in million cats and dogs each year.

Of those s, between million are adopted from shelters each year. They take the elderly ones, the ones with heartworm. They take everything. Animal control would be a very difficult place to work at if not for them. Social media is also helping find the way back home for missing animals.

Evansville well endowed needs you now

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