Hadley PA cheating wives

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For 19 years, the former Eternal star gave up everything to play housewife to her famous footballer husband. So what does it feel like to have walked out on that life and reinvented herself? She plays Violet, the character made famous by Lili Tomlin in the classic filmand in many ways the most obviously feminist character in the story.

Hadley PA cheating wives

But, not long ago, this casting would have seemed bizarre. Redknapp has been in the public eye for a quarter of a century, but she has never exactly been associated with feminism.

Hadley PA cheating wives

After studying at the Italia Conti stage school, Louise Nurding, as she was then known, shot to fame at the age of 18 in the early 90s girl group Eternal, and then cemented her celebrity status by achieving that ultimate 90s ambition, marrying a footballer — Jamie Redknapp, the son of manager Harry. Their telegenic union — the pretty pop star and equally pretty sports star — predated the Beckhams, but the Redknapps were a less flashy proposition. When their first child was born, inshe quit her by then solo music career to live in what she frequently described as domestic bliss.

Redknapp came across as sweet, unthreatening and a bit bland, and seemed destined for a contented life as a Surrey housewife with her two sons, Charley, now 14, and Beau, 10, living among the footballing dynasty. But then, inRedknapp did something that no one expected: she walked out of her marriage. I meet Redknapp, 44, Hadley PA cheating wives a room in the Savoy hotel in London, just above the theatre where she is appearing in 9 to 5. As well as performing tonight, she will spend the afternoon finishing work on her upcoming album, Heavy Love, her first in 18 years, which will be released in October.

Whatever emotional toll her divorce — which was finalised in December — has exacted on her, it has certainly motivated, or freed, her professionally.

Hadley PA cheating wives

In tight black trousers, ankle boots and a loose dark top, her hair long and highlighted in various shades of gold and auburn, she looks almost Hadley PA cheating wives to how she did in her pop heyday. She embraces me with the easy warmth of one who is very practised in the art of making strangers like her.

Did you like it? You liked it, right? We talk about the show, and Redknapp eagerly brings up how timely its revival is, off the back of the MeToo movement. For the past 20 years, whenever she was photographed she was invariably with her husband. I tell her it always surprised me that she was never part of the group of high-profile wives and girlfriends of other footballers, given how ready-made she seemed for that role.

But she was never photographed out having a laugh with Colleen Rooney and Cheryl Cole. His sport is what comes first, no circus around it. When Redknapp confirmed, in Septemberthat her seemingly perfect marriage was over, the circus around the two of them could hardly have been more hysterical. While the British public is very used to footballers leaving their wives, no one seemed to know what to make of the narrative being reversed. At around the same time, Wayne Rooney was accused, again, of infidelity when he was caught drink driving with a young woman who was not his wife.

Did she notice the disparity between the coverage of the two stories? I felt it.

Hadley PA cheating wives

And I felt really, really bullied. It made me want to scream. Or Jamie doing late-night football commentary?

Hadley PA cheating wives

Many cited Strictly Come Dancing, on which Hadley PA cheating wives had appeared the year, and its record of ending relationships. It was also suggested that Redknapp was having an affair with the model Daisy Lowe, who had appeared on Strictly with her. Redknapp reels back against the sofa when I mention this. Because people were adamant there had to be a specific reason for you leaving your husband?

I tried to laugh it off, but the damage these stories were doing to me and those around me was huge. In order to understand the end of a marriage it is necessary to understand its beginnings and, for all the lurid speculation, the path that led the Redknapps to divorce was all too prosaic. I was lonely and I felt like I had nothing to say. Redknapp and her ex-husband have been careful in speaking only positively of one another throughout their divorce, but hints of other narratives shine through the cracks.

But if you had spoken up, would Jamie have been OK with you going back on the stage and in the studio? So it was easier to leave than to say anything? I like to think not at all. I think I just went into Strictly looking for something to do. These days, Jamie still lives in the Surrey family home and Redknapp is a few minutes away and they share custody of their children. It is clear that she feels liberated by her divorce, so I ask if she plans to revert to her maiden name. She looks poleaxed by the suggestion. This le us to talking about dating, and whereas Jamie has been photographed with several women, Redknapp has remained single.

It takes a while to get over a year marriage. Sometimes, though, it is a bit strange. I like Redknapp. Yes, she has that tendency, common to graduates of stage school, of affecting immediate intimacy, but there is an emotional honesty to her that is almost certainly born from the ordeal of the Hadley PA cheating wives two years.

It is impossible not to cheer for a woman who for so long was defined in relation to others — first a pop group, then a husband — taking the risk to strike out on her own. And although many were surprised when she left her high-profile marriage, there has long been a more independent streak in her than her hotter-than-average girl-next-door image suggested. She did, after all, leave Eternal in after their hugely successful debut album to launch her solo career. Girl bands are tough. Does she mean they were fighting? The G2 interview. Mon 15 Apr Reuse this content.

Hadley PA cheating wives

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