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Kathy arrives at the Cottages with Ruth, Tommy, and five of their Hailsham classmates. None of the veterans attended Hailsham. Kathy and her friends slowly adjust to life at the Cottages, which are a group of run-down farm buildings converted into living space. They spend their days discussing literature, philosophy, and art with the veterans. They also work on their final essay asments from Hailsham, although the essays begin to feel less urgent as time goes on.

Several of the veterans are in established relationships, and Kathy notices that these couples unintentionally mimic the gestures of television show characters.

Want sex in Hailsham

Ruth begins to copy the veteran couples, adopting a gesture of lightly tapping Tommy on the arm to say goodbye. One day, Ruth annoys Kathy by summarizing the plot of Daniel Deronda aloud while Kathy is reading it. Kathy asks Ruth why she hits Tommy on the arm to say goodbye. Ruth brushes off the comment, but Kathy senses that she is angry. Ruth says that Kathy is jealous of her new veteran friends, and accuses her of associating only with the Hailsham students. Kathy accuses Ruth of not looking out for Tommy. Kathy and Ruth quarrel often at the Cottages, but also confide in one another more than ever.

Want sex in Hailsham

Kathy believes they have an unspoken agreement not to use anything they discuss against one another. Kathy pauses to explain that attitudes about relationships and sex were more straightforward at the Cottages than at Hailsham. The veterans did not gossip about sex, and treated one-night-stands casually. Kathy admits that her own comment about arm slapping may have provoked Ruth to make the comment about her one-nighters. Ruth tried hard to impress the veterans at the Cottages, often ignoring Kathy and Tommy.

While Kathy kept her collection, Ruth asked Keffers to donate hers to charity because the veterans did not have collections. Kathy returns to recalling life at the Cottages. Although some of the veterans are training to be carers, they never discuss their training courses.

Want sex in Hailsham

The veterans also avoid talking about students who have left for good, only mentioning them in connection with objects they have left behind. One day, Kathy picks up a stack of pornographic magazines left behind by a veteran named Steve. She takes the magazines to the boiler room, where she flips through the s and looks closely at the faces of the models.

Tommy walks in, and is surprised to see her with the magazines. She tells him that she is looking at them just for fun, but Tommy suspects that she is not telling him everything.

Want sex in Hailsham

While Hailsham is associated with childhood, the Cottages represent a transitional phase between childhood and adulthood. Accordingly, life at the Cottages is less supervised than life at Hailsham. For instance, sporadic and indifferent visits from the caretaker Keffers replace the constant surveillance of the guardians. Yet the students begin to lose focus on these essays as time goes on, which shows their weakening sense of connection with Hailsham. It also shows their identities as students are becoming less formal, as they realize that the guardians will not hold them able for completing the essays.

In other ways, however, life at the Cottages actually echoes life at Hailsham. Although they are not responsible for asments, the students do continue their academic pursuits in a more leisurely and casual way. Like Hailsham, the Cottages are also relatively isolated from the outside world.

In addition, the veterans show a familiar reluctance to talk about donations and refuse to mention those who leave to become carers. At the Cottages, Ruth seems more prepared than Kathy to leave the memory of Hailsham behind.

Want sex in Hailsham

This Want sex in Hailsham is reflected in the way that each one treats her personal collection of Hailsham items. Kathy holds onto her collection, in the same way that she holds onto her memories of Hailsham. Meanwhile, Ruth gives hers away because the veterans do not have collections.

This shows that while Kathy prioritizes reminders of their childhood, Ruth prioritizes fitting in at the Cottages. In imitating the veteran couples, for instance, she rejects the showy displays of affection common between Hailsham couples. Meanwhile, Kathy takes up her familiar role as an outside observer. Instead of copying the veterans like Ruth does, Kathy quietly notices that the veterans themselves are actually copying their gestures from what they see on television.

Her observation suggests that life at the Cottages is an imitation of life in the outside world, and reinforces her resistance to adopt the habits of the veterans. Want study tips sent straight to your inbox? Jekyll and Mr.

Character List Kathy Ruth Tommy. Themes Motifs Symbols Key Facts. Important Quotes Explained. Summary Part 2, Chapters 1 2. Analysis While Hailsham is associated with childhood, the Cottages represent a transitional phase between childhood and adulthood. Popular s: Never Let Me Go. Take a Study Break.

Want sex in Hailsham

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